Imagination x Innovation

We create projects that help you to learn, work and live better by leveraging creativity, low-cost technological solutions and ideas from around the world.


We develop brands and products that combine new solutions and beautiful design to improve lives.

Rapid Development

We use powerful tools to develop products and companies for a fraction of the traditional cost.

Market Testing

We significantly reduce the time to market allowing us to adapt tools to the needs of real users.


We use powerful web frameworks and open source technology to help rapidly build prototypes and products. Learning is our DNA and currently, we are developing networks and expertise in key strategic areas.



Our Projects


Polymath Book

Explores how to live polymathically based on the lives on some of histories greatest polymaths.

Altier Work

Improving the experience of working remotely. Biophilic designed workspaces.

Lucid Drinks

Non-alcoholic cocktail brand offering a true alternative in the drinks market.

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  • Ever since I can remember I wanted to have my own laboratory. The idea of having a space to test any idea no matt...